Written by Shari Monnes | Boston
on October 16, 2012

UP THERE, EVERYWHERE (UP), the world’s first cloud-based agency, has assembled an international team to develop strong brands built on sustainable values and socially responsible behavior. The UP FOR GOOD team includes pioneers, leaders and communicators with collectively more than 400 years of experience creating corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability programs, and building global opinions for companies, organizations and non-profit operations around the world.

UP for Good

“With some of the world’s founding environmental committee members, the team has both the professional experience and the personal conviction required to build authentic brands,” said Julian Stubbs, co-founder and brand strategist within UP. “We’re all hugely enthusiastic about this specialist service, which is highly relevant to the world’s needs right now.”

“We’re not interested in green-washing,” said Bjorn von Euler, one of the originators of the Stockholm Water Foundation, ITT’s first Director of Corporate Philanthropy and UP FOR GOOD team founder.“UP FOR GOOD is focused on building brands that contribute to a positive change, and which are anchored in the organization’s actual behavior in terms of environmental and societal issues. We only take on clients that truly want to make a difference.”

For the last twenty years, beginning with the major environmental conference in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, several UP FOR GOOD members have been working directly with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD), the UN Compact and the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). UP members have also worked both with leading global companies and non-profit organizations to develop and communicate internal and external CSR and develop opinion-building programs.

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UP FOR GOOD aims to help organizations build brands and develop good reputations through authenticity and communicating truly sustainable behavior around relevant societal and environmental issues. The services the new group provides to its clients include:

  • Integration of business, brand and sustainability strategies
  • Development of authentic brands, communication and PR on a sustainable basis
  • Internal and external opinion building

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Sustainability- Enlightened business knows constant, relentless growth is not the answer. Whatever you do has to be sustainable. The people who are UP FOR GOOD include some of the pioneers of leading edge thinking and practice on sustainability. We’ve engaged with some of the most complex management communication and transformation projects ever undertaken in this area. Globally and locally. Above all, we’re pragmatic idealists. We know what works. For us, it’s about time. If you don’t address the issues now, you’ll lose customer and employee goodwill as you contribute to the major social and environmental problems which are bad for business.

Non Profits -To make a difference you need money. And influence. You have to reach your target audiences in the most appropriate way and convince them you’re the people to give their money to. UP FOR GOOD understands this. It’s what we do for our corporate clients all the time. But we also know the realities of non-profit as well as we do the corporate world. And our approach fits perfectly with both. We can be your bridge, if you like. Because we’re not good people who have no choice but to reluctantly engage with business, we’re business people who need to do good. For us, it’s also not just about profit. If we share your values, we’re with you all the way. Whatever it takes.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) - You don’t need us to tell you your reputation is probably your most valuable asset and, as you know, reputations are built on trust. Employees, citizens and stakeholders all need to trust you. Obviously, trust means sales. Generating trust is all about doing the right thing and being seen to do it. CSR that combines your business goals with a critical social or environmental need will engage stakeholders and add to your bottom line through unexplored value creation. But your CSR strategy also needs to be right for you. UP FOR GOOD can help you refocus your strategy so that it naturally integrates your social and ethical ambitions. Then we’ll find the right partners and leaders. We’ve done it many times before.

About UP

UP THERE, EVERYWHERE ( is the world’s first global cloud-based agency. The business is organized as an exclusive international community and includes a spectrum of digital, creative and other services within brand development and marketing. UP isn’t a traditional advertising or web agency, but a community of like-minded professionals who know each other well and who collaborate smoothly across all boundaries and time zones. It’s a new way of working. UP assembles customized local and international teams who deliver strategic brand development, communication, PR and digital media services for clients across the globe. UP is growing rapidly and today has more than 100 members and partners in Sweden, Finland, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, the USA and China.

UP FOR GOOD, a specialist wing of UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, is building sustainability into brands.



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