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Kilian Palis

Creative Director | Hamburg, Germany

Kilian Palis is specialized in the design of corporate and consumer brands. He forms the primary interface for all strategically based design issues and finds solutions to complex tasks your brand has to fulfill.

After his apprenticeship as a blacksmith and metal worker Kilian studied interdisciplinary Design at the Köln International School of Design (KISD, Cologne) and Design Management at the Hogeschool Inholland (University of Applied Science, Rotterdam).

At UP he was responsible for the rebranding of Jenoptik, VINCORION and PROTEROS.

Before UP for 13 years he worked for Interbrand. As a Design Director he was in charge of managing brands like Vattenfall, Olympus, LSG Sky Chefs, JTI (e.g. Camel), Melitta, Sika and Sandvik. In Cologne he took part in the development of brands like TUI, ThyssenKrupp, Sparkasse, LANXESS, Fraport and Koelnmesse.

Kilian is a member for the global cloud-based agency UP THERE, EVERYWHERE and is based in Hamburg, Germany.

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