03 Apr 2014

Julian Stubbs talks about E-Ployment

Watch this video in which UP THERE, EVERYWHERE co-founder Julian Stubb...

03 Apr 2014

New book from UP on E-Ployment

UP has a published new book: it's called: E-Ployment-Living and workin...

27 Mar 2014
E-ployment Cloud Creativity | 6 min read

Head in the Clouds? Changing work trends

Beyond Employment in the Creative Services Industry. We all recognise ...

30 Jan 2014

Hollywoodland. Putting Tinsel Town on the Map with Place Branding

Maybe it’s because I’m a total classic film nut, but for me one of the...

09 Nov 2013
Advertising News Cloud | 2 min read

E-Ployment. A Personal Journey to Living & Working in the Cloud in the 21st Century

Introduction: Why this book now? The world is changing rapidly. Things...

30 Jul 2013
Cloud Creativity | 3 min read

Crowd Funded Collective Novel First of its Kind

Has it been done before, a group of writers creating one novel? ‘As I ...

13 Mar 2013
Cloud | 2 min read

Yahoo! or Yahoo? Have they totally lost the plot regarding remote working?

Yahoo has announced it is taking measures to ban its staff from “remot...

28 Aug 2012
Cloud | 1 min read

A new way of working. A new way of living.

I get up on a Saturday morning and everyone is still snoozing around t...

30 Aug 2011
Cloud | 1 min read

The Global Cloud Based Advertising Agency

Over the past two or three weeks you’ll have noticed, unless you’ve be...

09 Mar 2011
Cloud Technology | 1 min read

Technology as an Enabler

Technology has brought the world closer together. It empowers us to co...

11 Jan 2011

New web site connects distributed teams

What is a ‘distributed team?’ It’s what we like to call a group that i...

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