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Queen’s Day

April 30, 2011 | Lawrence Masle

Today in the Netherlands it’s Queen’s Day, a national holiday honoring the royal House of Orange. While technically the Queen’s birthday is in January, Queen Beatrix decided to keep Queen’s Day on April 30th in honor of her own mother’s birthday. And the weather is generally nicer this time of year, too!

So what is Queen’s Day exactly? Well, basically it’s a day to be with family and friends. Cities and villages around the country will have games and entertainment for families with young children. For the young adult crowd, it’s simply a good occasion to celebrate.

So, if you’re a tourist in Amsterdam today, don’t be surprised if you’re swept away in the crowds! And if you’re lucky enough to be on a boat cruising the canals (that’s what I liked doing before moving into the family phase of life), it’s going to be a tight squeeze on the water!

Of course, you should also be wearing something orange, to help create a festive atmosphere for Queen’s Day. If you happen to be in another part of the world and you notice someone wearing orange today, they probably have a Dutch connection!

Did you experience Queen’s Day today, either planned or by chance? Oh perhaps you have a fond memory of Queen’s Day from years past. If so, please consider leaving a comment on this blog and sharing your experience further around this typical Dutch holiday. Are you UP for it?



The Power of Words

April 22, 2011 | Shari Monnes | Boston

How many ways can you convey a message? We have so many ways to convey how we feel, but so few of those ways really let the world know how important the message really is to us.

Advertising, Creativity

Right team for the right job

April 17, 2011 | Julian Stubbs

A good friend, who has been a client several times during our relationship, pointed out to me one of the really big advantages from his perspective of UP THERE, EVERYWHERE.

Transatlantic Business Corridor

April 07, 2011 | Lawrence Masle

The other day, I was attending a member function at AmCham, the American Chamber of Commerce here in the Netherlands, which was brilliantly hosted by DAF Trucks in Eindhoven.

Sigtuna ad reaches new heights

April 01, 2011 | UP Blog Staff

The community of Sigtuna, Sweden, with the help of UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, has just released the 4th ad in a series of 12 new advertisements promoting their new positioning. The latest ad ran today, April 1st in the popular daily Swedish newpaper, Dagens Nyheter. The ad featured an April Fool’s Day message claiming that Sigtuna will have the world’s tallest building.

The aim of the ad was to have a bit of fun while bringing in some recognition and publicity for the area. Destination Sigtuna is working to raise awareness of their growth & development and to get their new destination brand position as Sweden’s ‘First City’ into the media and minds of the public.

     Sigtuna Will Have World's Tallest Building


April Fool

The ad features the announcement that the commune of Sigtuna will build a Skyscraper 850meters high (higher than the Burj in Dubai) and that this structure, designed by a local architect who used the new Sigtuna logo (the logo features the number 1) for inspiration, is so high that the tower will need to be labelled an ‘STT’ (Super Tall Tower). The Stockholm Arlanda Airport is quoted in the advertorial to comment that they feel this new structure will not be a hindrance for the pilots coming in to land at Arlanda, but instead it will aid their landing approach.

Truth behind the humour

There is a lot of truth in this message, however, as the community of Sigtuna is developing and expanding in both public and private sectors with new business opportunities, the construction of new residences and an increase in employment opportunities. The ad is having a bit of fun on April 1st, but with growth in the community higher than any other community in the greater Stockholm area, perhaps in all of Sweden, then the message delivered is absolutely no joke.

HUGE response

The response to this advertorial has been enormous with the phones at Destination Sigtuna ringing off the hook the entire day. Sweden’s TV4 held a debate early today on their morning news program. In addition the story has been picked up by radio stations and many other news sources across Sweden. It seems this April Fool’s ad caught a lot of people’s attention.

See Destination’s Sigtuna’s post about it (in Swedish).


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