Written by Lawrence Masle | Netherlands
on April 30, 2011

Today in the Netherlands it’s Queen’s Day, a national holiday honoring the royal House of Orange. While technically the Queen’s birthday is in January, Queen Beatrix decided to keep Queen’s Day on April 30th in honor of her own mother’s birthday. And the weather is generally nicer this time of year, too!

So what is Queen’s Day exactly? Well, basically it’s a day to be with family and friends. Cities and villages around the country will have games and entertainment for families with young children. For the young adult crowd, it’s simply a good occasion to celebrate.

So, if you’re a tourist in Amsterdam today, don’t be surprised if you’re swept away in the crowds! And if you’re lucky enough to be on a boat cruising the canals (that’s what I liked doing before moving into the family phase of life), it’s going to be a tight squeeze on the water!

Of course, you should also be wearing something orange, to help create a festive atmosphere for Queen’s Day. If you happen to be in another part of the world and you notice someone wearing orange today, they probably have a Dutch connection!

Did you experience Queen’s Day today, either planned or by chance? Oh perhaps you have a fond memory of Queen’s Day from years past. If so, please consider leaving a comment on this blog and sharing your experience further around this typical Dutch holiday. Are you UP for it?


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