Written by Shari Monnes | Boston
on April 22, 2011

How many ways can you convey a message? We have so many ways to convey how we feel, but so few of those ways really let the world know how important the message really is to us.


Time and time again, I’ll see an ad with a simple “Buy Now” message, or some meaningless fact that just makes me yawn and turn the page. Completely devoid of any emotional connection, just simple words on a page that mean absolutely nothing.

As someone who communicates for a living, it makes me cringe when I’m told what to do without having a reason to do it. It’s not always about being clever, it’s not always about selling, it’s about conveying an emotion that your customer can relate to — it’s about creating the perception that you’re on the same level as them.

Ethically, you really should be on the same level as your customer — if you’re not, you might see some short term success, but they will eventually see through it and move on.

This short film, “The Power of Words” (from Purple Feather) illustrates this perfectly. Let people understand what (and why) you’re selling from a personal and emotional level and you will succeed.

You Tube video: The Power of Words



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