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What is UP FOR REAL?

UP FOR REAL is our specialist area dedicated to place branding and destination marketing. We help countries, regions, cities, communities and airports develop their identities and create cohesive marketing programs. Places and destinations come in all shapes and sizes, and these days it seems as though everywhere is trying to brand themselves. T-shirts proclaiming I love NY. I love Paris. Even I love Milwaukee. Is there enough love to go around?

Destinations need to find their own point of view and differentiate themselves, but how do you do that?

UP FOR REAL helps create authentic destination and place brands. First, we help with developing the mechanisms and processes for a sound strategic approach – one involving all key stakeholders in the process. We then help turn this into a powerful creative solution for building a sustainable place brand.

UP FOR REAL has experience working with a number of cities, municipalities and places, including the city of Stockholm, Airport City Stockholm, Stockholm Arlanda Airport, Holland branding and the municipalities of Sigtuna, to name a few.

Place branding and destination marketing

UP FOR REAL works internationally with:

  • Market research and understanding
  • Place brand strategy and platform development
  • Identity development
  • Communications material
  • Web, digital and social media implementation
  • PR strategies and implementation
  • Film and image production

UP also runs a number of workshops and gives presentations during the year on the topic of Place Branding.

Watch one of our seminars on place branding:

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Destination branding and place marketing


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