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Stef Garner

Account Director and Head of People & Culture at SWC Partnership

Stef is a dynamic and forward-thinking marketeer and client services professional, showcasing an incredible ascent in the marketing world. Having embarked on her professional journey with SWC Partnership merely 6 years ago as an Account Manager, Stef’s drive and determination have seen her rise to the role of Account Director and Head of People & Culture.

Having earned a first-class degree in business and marketing, and fortified with a Mini MBA, Stef integrates her academic excellence with her practical expertise. Her 8+ year stint in the industry has seen her wear multiple hats, from B2B to B2C marketing, with hands-on experience both on the client and agency fronts. Stef has artfully managed illustrious brands such as John Lewis, ExxonMobil, Markforged, Teledyne FLIR, The Walt Disney Company, Eurowings, and Mitchells & Butlers, showcasing her adaptability across varied sectors including B2B Tech, retail, fashion, travel & hospitality, the financial sector, and education.

Passionate about personal and professional evolution, Stef is currently enrolled in a fast-track leadership trajectory programme with SWC & UP, underlining her commitment to not just her own growth but also to the future of the company. Her belief, “doing best, not just good”, resonates in her leadership style, championing excellence while ensuring a harmonious blend of fun in the process.

Stef's genuine dedication and keen insights have earned her significant respect and recognition in her field. Her accomplishments and expertise resonate powerfully, often belying her years in the industry.

Engage with Stef to explore the depth of her integrated projects and to experience the magic she brings to her campaigns.

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