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Sarah Bork, PhD, MBA

Senior Account Director | PhD Biochemist | Malmö, Sweden

Sarah is a PhD Biochemist with MBA and 25 years operative experience in international strategic marketing and communications within pharma, medical diagnostics and life sciences. She works with clients on projects covering branding, corporate identity, global launch campaigns, and inbound and content marketing, within healthcare. 

Driven by a strong passion to work closely with clients to create true vale, realistic goals, and measurable performance. Examples of clients include GE Healthcare, Darco, Agilant, Ascom, Perimed, Atlas Antibodies, Sartorius, Immunovia and BioWorks.

Examples of her projects in recent years:

  • Inbound marketing using automated lead nurturing software to identify sales leads for Sartorius
  • Branding, positioning, global digital market campaigns and inbound marketing for Atlas Antibodies
  • Global launch campaign and tagline for Immunovia
  • Brand identity guide for Affibodies
  • Corporate identity program for Ascom
  • Internal communications project with global roll-out for Ascom 

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