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Matt Wilkinson, PhD, MBA

Senior Strategist | UP FOR LIFE Executive Team | Denham, England

Matt Wilkinson has spent more than two decades working in the life sciences and has held a number of marketing leadership roles.  He is focussed on helping life sciences and genomics companies bring new brands and products to market and has a love of all things digital.

Following a PhD in Chemistry from the University of Bristol, he held postdoctoral fellowships at the University van Amsterdam and Sussex University. He then transitioned to the world of science and business journalism where he fell in love with the world of genomics.

He holds an MBA from Cranfield School of Management where he was recently appointed as a Visiting Fellow as part of the Centre for Strategic Marketing and Sales. He supervises Marketing MSc students and tutors exec-MBA and Marketing and Leadership MSc students.

He has created successful branding, go-to-market, ecommerce and inbound marketing programs for clients including AstraZeneca, Astrea Bioseparations, Congenica, ELGA Veolia, Galderma, OGT, Proteros and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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