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Matt Wilkinson, PhD, MBA

Head of UP FOR LIFE | Haywards Heath, England

Matt is a recovering scientist and has spent most of his life embedded in the life science and technology sectors. As a scientist, Matt loved wowing an audience during fireworks lectures. Fast forward 15 years and the favourite part of his day is helping organizations find that liquid oxygen that will take a brand and marketing strategy and make them shine so brightly they capture attention and accelerate growth.

He has held postdoctoral positions in the UK and the Netherlands and has worked in science and business journalism. Following his MBA he has held a number of strategic marketing, eCommerce, and digital leadership roles with life science.

In addition to being a member of UP, he is a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield School of Management where he teaches sales and marketing and mentors students on the executive MBA program.

He has created successful branding, go-to-market, eCommerce, and inbound marketing programs for clients including AstraZeneca, Astrea Bioseparations, Congenica, ELGA Veolia, Eppendorf, Evotec, Galderma, Illumina, Leinco, OGT, Olink, PrecisionLife, Proteros, Steritas and Thermo Fisher Scientific.

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