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Jan-Erik Mohrmann rv)

Jan-Erik Mohrmann

Managing Director UP Germany | Hamburg, Germany

As a senior brand consultant and brand strategist Jan-Erik is passionate about developing remarkable brand personalities that stand out. To his way of thinking, only brands with a unique profile and a clear message will make it in a competitive environment.

As an experienced and knowledgeable brand manager, his expertise ranges from brand analysis to brand strategy development to creating unique brand experiences.

Jan-Erik has more than two decades of experience in the branding business. He was employed at the world-leading brand agency Interbrand and helped to develop brands like Altana (chemistry), HDI-Gerling (insurance) or Vattenfall (energy) amongst others. 

Today Jan-Erik is Managing Director of UP in Germany.  He is based in the beautiful harbour city of Hamburg in the north of Germany, where UP has a Creative Space. Jan-Erik’s national, European and global clients like for example Jenoptik or Proteros benefit from his insight into various industries ranging from aviation, to agriculture, consumer goods, IT, heavy industry, trade & retail to pro bono work. 

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