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Ardi Eleveld)

Ardi Eleveld

Head of UP FOR REAL | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ardi is a strategic advisor and place branding professional aiming for sustainable economic development. She has over 12 years of experience working with places from all over the world in order to attract and retain international businesses, tourists and talent. 

The dynamic and diversity of cities, regions and countries is what drives her. She has had the pleasure of working with the national governments of Canada, Latvia and the Netherlands, the regions of Zurich and Utrecht and the cities of Amsterdam and Austin, Texas.

Her expertise ranges from drafting and implementing brand strategies and writing benchmark reports to organizing investment seminars and road shows. Her industry focus and experience is mainly in IT, gaming, creative, and life sciences & health. 

Today Ardi leads UP FOR REAL, and also teaches city marketing at a Dutch university. Ardi enjoys combining her passion for place branding with her love for traveling, photography and (urban) design. She is eager to continue her journey of discovering and promoting new places in a considerate way.

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