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UP THERE, EVERYWHERE is an international brand, marketing and digital agency, and now we're in Copenhagen and Malmö. Our teams might cover two countries but you are guaranteed to get one central idea.

Being part of the UP global community means you get access to a much wider range of services and expertise than any other agency has been able to offer before. We work across a broad range of business areas from medical device, life science and health to food, place branding and industry. You get to work with an experienced local team who can connect you to the world via UP internationally.

UP Copenhagen + Malmö combines the best of Swedish "fika" and Danish "hygge" in one team. That is why our community consists of the most skilled people from both sides of the Öresund – you could call us the creative bridge in this vibrant region. Another advantage is that you’ll find Kastrup international airport right between these two great cities. Convenient isn’t it?

Now we're in Copenhagen + Malmö

With UP Copenhagen + Malmö you can get a local experienced team as your primary contact, but are also connected to a large and equally experienced community all over the world. Simply put, you get exactly the right team for your project.

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We understand your business wherever you do business

UP offers deep industry knowledge across a range of business sectors. From life science, medical device and health to manufacturing, food, place branding and consumer goods. With UP around the world we can create a team to suit your needs whether you are in Sweden, Europe, USA or Copenhagen + Malmö.  Need to launch a new product in China or run a social media campaign there? We have that covered, too, via UP FOR ASIA and our Chinese team members based in Sweden. 

UP Copenhagen Malmö agency

UP: the truly global brand, marketing and digital agency

UP is a global agency combining marketing strategists, planners, creatives, website developers, inbound and content marketing experts, and film and sound producers. We create distributed teams around each client's own needs and geographical footprint. As a client you get to select the right team you want and need to work on your account. 

UP also has Creative Spaces in Stockholm, Uppsala, Hamburg, Amsterdam, London, Guildford, New York, San Francisco, Sydney and Shanghai.

About UP

UP was founded in January 2011 as The Global Cloud Based Agency. We work through the cloud using a suite of tools and processes to work more efficiently and in globally distributed teams.

Today we are one of Sweden's larger brand, marketing and digital agencies with over 200 people globally. UP was founded on the belief that the traditional agency business model was broken and a disruptive new approach was needed. We started in Stockholm and New York, and have expanded rapidly across the globe over the past nine years, and now we are in Copenhagen + Malmö.

Read what Dagens Industri had to say about us in March 2020.

Who are UP Copenhagen + Malmö?

Greger Blomquist / Creative Director / Art Director / Account Director
Peter Bjellerup / Account Director
Sarah Bork / Account Director
Lotus Child / Creative Director / Art Director
Nanako Engel-Mikkelsen / Account Director / Art Director
Peter Langer / Creative Director / Art Director
Sven Lindström / Copywriter / Creative Director
Tom Magnusson / Copywriter / Creative Director
Søren Nøhr / Copywriter / Creative Director
Keld Ravn / Account Director
Julian Stubbs / CEO / Copywriter / Creative Director
Charlotte Wibäck / Account Director

And by age and experience we all are Communication Strategists.

Judge us on our work

View case studies for our team's work including TV advertisements for California client Malwarebytes, website and animated film work for Danish cancer therapy client 2CureX, and how we reached 22,000 HCPs (healthcare professionals) via webinars for Galderma in the midst of a global pandemic. Maybe you want a media blitz in China? See our campaign for Swedish client Envirotainer. When it comes to place branding and marketing we have worked with a large number of assignments in Sweden, Europe and the rest of the world. In Sweden one example is our work for Royal Djurgården, in Stockholm. 

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Why us? 

Global branding agency in London

Traditional service, modern delivery

Quality client service and great creative work never goes out of fashion. We are old school in this respect, but we’re armed with the latest digital tools.

Cloud-based branding agency London
Next generation agency set-up

A global community of self-invested and like-minded individuals. Our success depends on how happy our clients are, great work keeps us motivated.

Sweden Denmark UP There Everywhere

One dedicated team, two countries

Knowing your team, building relationships; these things are important. Exceptionally experienced, always available and a nice bunch to boot.

Global branding creative digital strategy content
Global experts in every area

Got a brief? We’ve got someone who’s done that before. Our large community with exceptional expertise can be called upon from around the world.

marketing communications agency
Commercially smart

Lower overheads mean you get real value. You pay for the time spent and not the inflated overheads of traditional agencies. Many of us have been clients - and we know what we'd want. 

members not employees cloud based marketing agencyWe love our jobs

Everyone at UP has embraced our model by choice. We are all agency advocates but we choose the NextGen model.

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