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Episode 3: Boston

Why it's better in Beantown

In the third episode of Wish You Were Here: The Place Branding Podcast, we travel to the historic U.S. city of Boston, home of the American Revolution, the Red Sox, and a wicked clam “chow-dah.”

You might wonder what would be the focus of a Boston podcast on place branding besides food and history. Well, if you guessed that we’d mention baseball, Fenway Park and that famous tea in the harbor incident, you’re right. But there’s much more (and we don’t mean Lob-stah). Boston is also home to the Inbound Marketing conference – an event focused on combining content, social and digital media into a new way of marketing on the individual level. Therefore, our Boston episode also discusses how inbound can help with place branding and destination marketing.

So sit back and listen as we discuss what makes Boston (and Massachusetts) so special and how the state focuses its marketing efforts with Richard Doucette, executive director of the Massachusetts Office of Travel & Tourism, and discuss inbound marketing with UP’s head of Inbound, Shari Monnes.


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