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Episode 2: New York


‘New York, New York – so good they named it twice’

Welcome to this edition of The Place Branding Podcast Wish You Were Here. This episode we visit one of the greatest cities in the world, New York.

In this episode Maura and Julian, our two hosts, meet Gavin Landry, Executive Director of Tourism for New York State at Empire State Development, the organization behind the marketing of both the city and state of New York. Gavin explains the opportunities and challenges of marketing both a famous city and the state and talks about protecting the iconic logotype.

I Heart NY or I Love NY?

In an exclusive interview we also get to meet one of the world’s most famous graphic designers the great Milton Glaser, the man behind the iconic I Heart NY logotype. Milton shares stories about how the logotype could have looked very different but for some last minute inspiration. He also gives his view on the debate of what you call the logo, I heart NY or I love NY? What do you say?

Wish You Were Here New York. We hope you enjoy this episode.

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