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From choosing the right #hashtags to generating leads, we produce social media strategies to deliver results!

The cornerstone of social media marketing is creating meaningful connections. Connections create loyalty. Our team of social media specialists have a wealth of experience in paid and organic strategies, on local and global campaigns, across a range of industries and clients.

We learn about your business and get to know you. We collaborate, plan, deliver and help drive social media strategies and campaigns that connect with the right people. Social media success is a combination of attention grabbing content, regular analysis and on-going optimisation.

You don't want “yes” people. Trust us. Not every platform will help you achieve your goals, and we’re not afraid to tell you. Our social media experts help determine the highest quality channels based on the science of where your target audience hangs out (hello personas!).

While we have a tried and tested approach for what we do, we recognise that marketing isn’t a one-size-fits-all discipline. Dedicating time to the testing and learning phase of all campaigns is vital. Knowing that understanding what makes your unique audience tick is what will drive growth.

Explore our  digital services  to discover how social media can work hand-in-hand with our wider digital marketing offering to grow your business.


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Social media services

Social strategy

Before we get into the strategy itself, we conduct research to understand the competition. We examine activities, strengths and weaknesses and identify strategic opportunities for both organic and paid activity across the competitor landscape. 

Social media needs to make people do things that drive results. We work with our clients to develop the right KPI’s and Call To Actions across (but not limited to!) LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. We ensure all social media activity is focusing on the right audience, the right keywords, and the right message to get existing and new followers engaged.

Paid Social

Before we go live with any ad campaigns we audit our clients ad manager accounts to ensure they’re technically set up correctly. There’s nothing worse than executing a campaign and not having the right pixels or tracking links in place to affect optimisation and reporting. 

We set clear KPIs for each media type and conversion funnels to measure campaign success. For example if you’re a B2B business, LinkedIn advertising may be your best bet or if targeting Gen Z audiences, TikTok may be a better fit for your business. We always continue to optimise the adverts we create, running split tests to ensure we put budget behind the most effective campaigns.

Content Production

Social media content has to be valuable to followers, able to grab attention, and act as a conversation starter. It's storytelling – we want to give social audiences high-quality content relevant to them on a consistent basis. We spend time getting to know different clients to understand what makes them tick, so we can create great content that reflects, and encourages engagement with.

 We produce content calendars for our clients to keep everything organised while still offering flexibility to change things up in response to current events as needed.

Organic Social Media Management

We provide social media management services in a variety of ways for our clients. 

Sometimes clients share a general idea of what they want to share and offer final approvals on the content before it gets scheduled. Or, clients provide complete posts (with visuals and copy) that we schedule and monitor.

We can offer guidance on social media best practices and schedule all our social posts months in advance. 


Our talented creative team produce slick and engaging creative for social. Whether it’s carousel images on Instagram, static imagery for LinkedIn or a video on Facebook. We have a breadth of creative and design expertise to support your creative needs for both paid and organic activity.

We keep on top of social media trends and the ever-changing algorithms (Facebook like to keep us on our toes!) as these can have an impact on the types of creative they want to push to the top of the newsfeed. Our teams are very used to adapting to these changes and always implement them as quickly as possible for our clients.

Reporting and optimising

Our reporting keeps track of performance and provides the data needed to adjust campaigns to have the greatest impact and achieve successful results for our clients. Engagement (vanity) metrics are part of those results but don’t tell the whole story of a successful campaign. We use a combination of different analytical tools; Google Analytics and social platform data to monitor performance by channel, format, target demographics and different ad sets to inform optimisations and budget allocation.

Relevant recommendations are in each report, whether it’s tweaking creative, testing new copy, where and who else they should be engaging with. We will always flag if a post or an ad isn’t performing as well as expected and make any immediate changes if needed.  ​


Our process ensures you know what to expect at every stage

BASE-UP is the basis for our process, and all digital marketing agencies worth their salt should be able to articulate a process like ours.

It is the basis for all good digital projects. However, the way we tackle a couple of the stages are really rather special and is what sets UP for DIGITAL apart from our peers.

Every digital marketing campaign should follow this process to ensure success, and so you know what to expect at each stage! 

Looking for other services?

Website design and build

If your website isn't working hard for you, delivering leads to your business or selling products, it might be worth talking to us about your website strategy. 

Whilst we love building brand new shiny websites, there's always ways we could improve what you've got. 

User experience research looking at how your customers are using your site today could give you all the insights you need to make some meaningful improvements. 

Explore our website services

Google Ads Management

Google reported revenue of $68 billion in Q1 of 2022. Whilst we all hold our opinions on what marketing channels or activities work the best, you can't deny that Google Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is popular. And it's for good reason. 

With a proper SEA strategy and diligent management, all other marketing can be boosted by PPC advertising. Searching for answers is a key element of any user journey and SEA makes sure you're front and centre. 

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Support for Ecommerce

The eCommerce platforms that we use work just as well for B2B  and B2C clients as they have many of the features needed “out of the box.”

  • Tier pricing for different clients
  • Quantity pricing
  • Loyalty scheme
  • One-click re-ordering
  • AJAX auto-predict search boxes
  • Multi-lingual sites 
  • Orders emailed to purchasing with PO’s attached

Most of the solutions however are rooted in two common features: MANY of them have implemented a flexible and feature-rich eCommerce platform, but ALL have enhanced their online communication channels.

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