Case Study: Uute Scientific

LinkedIn organic & paid campaigns to promote USA event for the world’s first microbial extract skincare ingredient

Outperforming LinkedIn forecasted KPIs by 156%

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Uute Scientific Oy manufactures an innovative microbial extract harvested from rich forests and nature of Finland. It is called Re-Connecting Nature™. Added to cosmetics it helps with environmental exposure to nature, which is essential for the immune system to be able to train itself and maintain its operations.


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The Company

Uute Scientific Oy is a Finnish company founded in 2019, and is a spin-out company from the ecosystem research program from Helsinki university and Tampere university. 

Uute manufactures and sells a safe, scientifically-proven microbial extract that stimulates and supports the immune system in both humans and domestic animals. Re-Connecting Nature™, a world-first ingredient, is harvested from the Finnish forests and soil, which are proven to be some of the richest in biodiverse elements.

What is Re-Connecting Nature™?

Re-Connecting Nature™ is a unique microbial extract harvested from Finnish nature. It is a natural extract of diverse microbes from forests and agricultural environments and helps ensure the correct development of the immune system through contact with skin. This extract mimics the rich biodiversity found in nature and is delivered in a safe and easy-to-use form.

Uute case study linkedin ads

Campaign objectives

In May 2022, Uute Scientific attended its first industry event in the United States: New York Society of Cosmetic Chemists Suppliers Day 2022. 

Prior to the event it was essential for Uute to raise awareness about their brand and their Re-Connecting Nature™ extract to US audiences, as well as start forming connections with the representatives of the industry in North America.


UP for Digital focused on activity on LinkedIn, as the B2B social media platform allows for some very granular targeting, to raise awareness about the Uute brand through a mix of organic and paid activities.

Organic activities

UP created a content calendar for the weeks leading up to the NYSCC22 event and drafted a mix of posts about Uute’s presence at the event, as well as about the brand itself, creating a number of visual assets, including ads and videos.

UP posted these updates at regular intervals to ensure that everyone visiting Uute’s LinkedIn page would be up to date with the company’s activities.

Promoted LinkedIn posts from the campaign including video


Paid campaigns

UP planned and managed two paid campaigns related to the event that targeted cosmetics researchers and indie cosmetics brand owners in the United States: 

  • One focused on generating contact details from American representatives interested in Uute and / or attending the event.
  • One served as a general brand awareness campaign.

Throughout the campaigns’ life cycle, the performance exceeded expectations, hitting all of the current LinkedIn benchmarks and generating valuable leads in the new market for Uute.

Content creation

To ensure that the LinkedIn audience visiting the website stayed informed about the event, we updated Uute’s website with the event details on the homepage and created new blog posts detailing Uute’s presence at NYSCC22. 


The social media campaign was a real triumph for Uute on both the organic and paid activities. The campaign outperformed LinkedIn's forecasted results by over 156% delivering a healthy number of quality leads to the business. 

The lead generation campaign gathered a substantial number of leads in the two weeks it was active, and achieved a high click through rate, both statistics surpassed LinkedIn forecasting. Additionally, in the three weeks that UP managed Uute’s LinkedIn page, and ran the brand awareness campaign, the company gained a huge number of new followers increasing by 41.2%. 

(exact numbers are confidential)

The paid campaigns’ data has also proved invaluable in planning the next marketing activities for the brand and gave insight into the main brand’s strengths.

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