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Making a massive impact at CES 2017

Polaroid – An instant Classic

CES is the largest and most visited technology show in the world, attracting huge crowds from both the business and consumer audiences to Las Vegas each January. It’s noisy, lively and highly competitive. Our client c&a Global approached UP to create artwork for an immense 70 x 90 booth with the core objective of championing their licensed Polaroid products.

We immediately set to work creating the Live. Print. Share. In an instant. campaign, championing the core products Snap, SnapTouch, Zip and Cube.
With such a vast space to fill and artwork required for both the booth and all outdoor media, the team set to work on creating a suite of campaign images to bring the campaign to life. With such limited time available and no time for a shoot, images were created by our skilled creative teams, retouching the products into scenes to great effect. On the opening of CES our images were seen from bus stops to park benches, and from escalators to the badge pick up kiosks all over the convention centre.



Fresh and innovative, yet still reminiscent of a nostalgic retro period, the Polaroid Cube is a bite-sized action camera operated from your mobile device. UP looked to create messaging that communicated just how the Cube can instantly capture life as you live it. Making moments shareable - instantly.



polaroid zip


Think of Polaroid and you think of instant photography, and the Polaroid Zip instant mobile printer stays true to this. A smart, fun and compact mobile printer that connects wirelessly to your mobile device to print and share images instantly.

polaroid zip image


The next generation Polaroid instant camera brings instant photography to a device that works as you would expect in today’s world of touch screens and instant sharing. UP aligned the features of the product with the ’Share’ line of the campaign, referring to both the share-ability of the prints as well as the device’s ability to upload images directly to social networks.


The Results

After creating and delivering concepts, graphic displays and films in record time for both the Polaroid Booth at PhotoKina in Germany and CES2017 in Las Vegas, UP was named agency of record for all Events and Exhibitions for C+A Global. With that in place, UP was asked to launch Polaroid HOOP, develop an overarching campaign for Zink Zero Ink along with all exhibition stand graphics and communications for Ivation, Lyx Pro and Gold's Gym at CES2017.

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CES 2017 Display Panels

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