House of Elrick

Creating a new Scottish Artisan Gin Brand


Nestled away in the lowlands of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, sits a house on an estate long since lived in and cared for. Built in the early 18th century at the height of the Scottish Enlightenment period Elrick House has a story to tell.

The new owner of the Estate approached UP THERE, EVERYWHERE to create a brand story and architecture that would bring new life to the estate starting with the launch of their first product – a small batch, artisan gin.


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The Scottish Enlightenment

UP set to work applying our BaseUP methodology to create the foundational pillars for the brand that would feed into both the gin and all future products that may come from the estate. Our audit process delved into one of the most disruptive and transformative times of Scottish history – the Scottish Enlightenment and the Jacobite bid towards independence.


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Discovering the spirit
of the house

Taking learnings from our historical audit that uncovered all sorts of amazing ties with the house from the well-travelled and clearly entrepreneurial owners, to Bonnie Prince Charlie himself, and combining this with an audit of the modern-day artisan spirits market and customer insights, the brand pillars were created culminating in the value proposition for the gin: “A spirit crafted for the Enlightened mind.”

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A truly unique gin brand 

The result is a truly unique and premium gin brand that is ying o the shelves throughout the UK, and a mother brand that can head up a number of product extensions within the spirits category as well as future product development outside of the industry.

UP continue to work with House of Elrick to deliver strategy and messaging for an expanding portfolio of products and services.

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