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Launching a new cancer treatment to oncologists at ESMO


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2cureX, pioneers of 3D microtumors in cancer therapy selection, are focused on improving the outcomes of cancer treatment. Until today, there has been no functional means to evaluate the most efficacious form of cancer treatment for the individual patient.




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Up to 50% of first line treatments of metastatic colorectal cancer are ineffective mainly due to tumor resistance, causing a measurable burden on clinic resources and immeasurable patient suffering. 

2cureX is about to change the game with the first microtumor-based approach to killing cancer.

The brief

2cureX achieved a huge milestone: the world’s first CE-validated in vitro diagnostic test based on microtumors to predict cancer resistance and sensitivity. They needed to launch this innovative new strategy and their IndiTreat® product to Oncologists at the European Society of Molecular Oncology (ESMO).

This conference aims to attract all the top Oncologists in Europe – the primary target audience for 2cureX. One big challenge: the conference kicked off in 3 weeks from the date that 2cureX contacted UP for help, and they had nothing prepared – no message, no films, no graphics, no incitements to engage – absolutely nothing.

Our task was to give 2cureX a credible, engaging and lead-generating presence at ESMO – all within 3 weeks.

The solution

Due to coronavirus restrictions, ESMO would hold a virtual exhibition. ESMO were simply expecting us to provide a link to the ‘exhibit booth’. So we decided to build a mobile responsive microsite - using 2.5D animation style to bring it to life. Rendering in 2.5D takes much less time, in minutes rather than hours, which would enable us to present versions to the client.


The LinkedIn Video

2CureX Case Study Video 1

The next task was to decide what to say. We spent 3 days sculpting a clear and easy to understand message to the oncologists - focused on how to win them over. After all, they were Molecular Oncologists, and their idea of precision medicine was being able to read the genome of each patient. 2cureX had to fit into that mindset.

Finally, we needed to provide clear evidence that 2cureX has a solid scientific foundation, and that the test was ready to deliver. Therefore we created two films on the application and the availability of the test with their Chief Medical Officer and their Chief Business Officer. 

All of this was done in the cloud, with a team in Sweden, Scotland, England and The Netherlands, and the CMO on vacation in France.

2CureX Chief Medical Officer Henrik Harling discusses the world's first IVD CE validated cancer sensitivity test


“A tour de force and may be like surfing - find the perfect wave and stay on it as long as possible. Almost incredible what we did together in 1,5 weeks. Great to collaborate, your team´s competence and kindness is extraordinary! I know after more than 40 years in the healthcare system collaborating with a huge amount of external companies -  a few good but the majority focusing on easy public money…”

Henrik Harding, 2CureX Chief Medical Officer

2CureX Chief Business Officer Maarten van der Linden discusses the treatment


The results

The end product was the 2cureX microsite and virtual exhibition booth for ESMO.

We created a presence for 2cureX at ESMO as a silver sponsor, utilizing all the available benefits, including an animation positioning IndiTreat, a press release, CMO and CBO films, a LinkedIn Campaign and a special offer to drive lead generation from oncologists in the EU and UK.

The outcome was a major awareness boost for 2cureX and IndiTreat, a significant increase in their share price on Nasdaq First North, and 150 fresh enquiries for this, their first product.


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