10 Oct 2017
Communications Video | 1 min read

5 Tips for Getting the Best Results from Video Interviews [Video]

Filmed interviews are a great way to add visual interest to a website,...

20 Jun 2017
Communications Branding | 3 min read

UP supports "SUPERLATIVES" with new brand-focused content offering

German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke today at the "Day of German Indu...

27 Feb 2015
Communications | 3 min read

Pitch Perfect -Should You Respond to an RFP?

Whenever an RFP (request for proposal) drops into my mailbox, I get a ...

23 Sep 2014

How can you improve your business writing and language?

BBC Business Writing Podcast Companies and organisations all profess t...

17 Sep 2013
Communications | 2 min read

The other side of communication

What do you think you know about your target audience? The weakest lin...

10 Sep 2013
Communications Creativity | 2 min read

How to find the right writer for your needs

In today's world where content is King, great writing is the way to be...

04 Jun 2012

What life science marketing needs today

In order for an agency to be able to truly communicate with life scien...

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