Written by Robert England, PhD | Uppsala
on June 04, 2012

In order for an agency to be able to truly communicate with life scientists, the agency needs to have people who think like life scientists. At UP FOR LIFE, it’s part of who we are. You might say it’s in our DNA.

After working with hundreds of life scientists around the world, here are a three basic truths we hold dear:

1. Information is what matters to the scientist.

Applications, advances, and original thinking. One of the basic tenets of the life scientist is to gain and exchange information openly and without hinder. Scientists expect it balanced and correct. They see through spin in a second. To generate content, many companies are forced to talk up their product and technology. You know how unattractive that can be. Life science companies must focus on higher values; the reasons that they exist surely go beyond what they make? Tell your audience something worth knowing, and you will gain their respect and attention.

2. The Internet is the primary channel to reach your audience.

It’s high time to acknowledge that your company identity is greatly reflected by what you say and do online. The online presence of the Life Science and Medical Device industries is lagging compared with other technology sectors. Some are getting it right, while others will continue to lag. There will be winners and there will be losers. Face to face meetings are being replaced by online interactions, increasing the importance of your online presence and the longterm integrity of your communications. Impact becomes even more significant with the expansion of the number of countries that are engaged in the life science and medical device sectors.

3. Integrity matters above all.

The world feeds us with enough misinterpretations without science adding to the pile. Brand integrity is earned through consistently honest communication of the benefits that your company provides. It should never be squandered.

How can Life Science businesses achieve this?

You can’t turn to any agency and expect them to understand the Life Sciences and Medical Device sectors. They will probably need to hold expensive, time-consuming workshops and do loads of hourly billed research in order to understand your market.

We won’t do that. Believe it or not, we’re scientists. You wouldn’t expect to find that in an ad agency, would you? We understand the life science markets, behaviors, perceptions and driving forces behind scientists. We understand drug discovery and development, the research process, and the potential impact of a new drug, technology or service. You won’t have to explain much to us before we get it, so that we can contribute to your understanding of the communication challenge ahead.

We work with some of the most creative minds in the business. Some of them have been working for Life Sciences companies for decades, and are therefore able to take communications to the life science audience to another dimension.

What Life Science companies need tomorrow

Science and healthcare are growing at an astounding pace. Rapid globalization is compelling Life Science and Medical Device companies to extend their traditional focus on the G7 economies. Every life science company needs to convey complex value propositions to knowledgeable audiences in the new economies. Consistent global communications and – not least – a credible voice are essential for making an impact.

That’s where UP for Life comes in. We address global communication with Life Science domain expertise. We don’t believe that the combination gives you a competitive advantage in the sector. We believe that it’s an essential component to survive.

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