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Why "It's not about the logo"

Interviews with place branding experts

Marketing leaders from some of Europe's most forward-thinking place brands, including the City of Stockholm, Liverpool, and Amsterdam share their thoughts about place branding and discuss why "It's not about the logo."

Here you'll find podcasts featuring interviews and more in-depth conversations with some place branding experts from around Europe. Our moderator Maddy Savage, who worked as a multimedia BBC staff journalist for ten years, digs into what makes place branding work around the world.

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Place Branding Book

Place Branding Book

What's place branding all about? 

Get a free chapter of Wish You Were Here, the place branding book written by Julian Stubbs.

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More podcasts

Listen to the UP Place Branding Podcast for more ideas and information about place branding and destination marketing, featuring interviews with branding experts such as Milton Glaser. 

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Place branding specialists

Find out more about UP FOR Real, the Place Branding specialty group from UP. Our services including branding workshops, idendity development, inbound marketing, content development, and speaker presentations.

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