Up focus areas

Focus Areas

Offering in-depth expertise across a number of specialty areas

UP Focus Areas

At UP we work across a wide range of businesses. However some of these demand greater in-depth competence and knowledge, so we have developed a number of special focus areas, with teams experienced in these business area.

UP Focus Areas

Life Science, Medical Device & Health

One of our core business areas at UP is life sciences, medical device, healthcare and digital health. We have a large and internationally distributed team of specialists and PhDs who have experience working with many of the world’s leading organizations in these areas. Our specialist group in this area is called UP FOR LIFE >

Place Branding & Marketing

UP is an acknowledged leader in the area of Place and Destination Branding and Marketing with a wide experience of the processes needed to make destinations successful. We already work with a variety of international cities, municipalities, city districts, airports and communities. Our specialist group in this area is called UP FOR REAL >

Sustainability, CSR & Non Profit

It’s part of our own mission to work with companies that are helping make a difference in the world when it comes to sustainability and the non profit sector. That’s why we develop internal and external brand communications that not only does the world a good turn, but helps their own bottom lines as well. Our specialist group in this area is called UP FOR GOOD >

IT & Telecoms

At UP we work with clients who market complex and sophisticated technologies that require insight and expertise. This can cover everything form telecoms, to advanced digital payment solutions. Our specialist group in this area is called UP FOR IT >

Consumer Marketing

Understanding how consumers behave sits at the core of how we work. UP FOR YOU is our specialist consumer marketing group that gives a voice to brands that sit in consumer’s homes across the world. From lifestyle brands to icons of photography, our clients come to us for the delivery of integrated marketing solutions from branding and content creation, to packaging, to search and advertising (and everything in between). UP FOR YOU >

Financial Services Marketing

Financial services has become a hotbed of new thinking and disruption over recent years. Long gone are the days of very straight B2B approaches and the same pictures of men in suits. Today, marketing financial services in the age of disruption requires a more customer-centric approach. Get in touch with UP FOR FINANCIAL SERVICES > 



Across all of our focus areas, UP provides expert services in INBOUND and Digital marketing.