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Launching in Fall, 2022, FUSE is a social movement that delivers real-world action through mentorship, training and experiences. Working from grassroots, we are determined to level the playing field and bring opportunity to young people when the conventional routes to success are not available.

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Making change happen

We believe that to achieve true equality the playing field has to be level to begin with.

Too many young people are behind before they begin.

The gap between the privileged and the underprivileged is widening. For many, college or higher education is not an option, while these remain imperative elements to start building a career. And so, the cycle of inequality continues.

We believe that by reaching into key groups of young people across the globe, we can provide the opportunity and tools they need to change their future.



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Through our network of members, clients and partners, we are able to offer a structured program of training, experience and mentorship to young people, 16-20 years of age, who may not have the option for the traditional route to a career.

FUSE programs provide:

  • Monthly seminars with well-known and successful entrepreneurs who have not taken the conventional route to success
  • On-demand modular training
  • Bite-size work experience across a variety of roles and industries
  • Client exposure
  • An annual mentorship fare
  • Access to our network of partners and participating clients.

If you are 16-20 and want to join FUSE, you can apply to be an Associate. 

We will be releasing more information throughout the year ahead of our official launch in the Fall. Our Associates won't pay a thing. We're offering mentorship, training and work experience to support young entrepreneurs. 

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Our charter

We will:

  • Commit to making a difference in our community by lifting up those who do not have the opportunities they should.
  • Shout loudly in our communities to the importance and consequences of inequality, providing the public with clarity and insight into the issue.
  • Inform public debate with knowledge, always supported by facts, while being responsible and ethical in our approach.
  • Leverage our privilege, by unashamedly utilising our networks to create change.
  • Ensure transparency and absolute quality in all that we do and offer to our Associates.
  • Unlock the knowledge of our peers and networks to feed the growth of our Associates.
  • Create opportunity for every Associate who comes to us.
  • To never lose sight of why we do what we do, never for our own gain.

If you are an organisation, brand, partner or charity that wants to get involved in supporting FUSE, please read our charter and register your interest.

We will keep you up to date with how you can support our social movement. 

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