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Creating messaging, branding and website to take a skincare start-up global

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Uute Scientific™ created the world’s first ingredient with the unique microbiome-restoring properties of Finnish nature. Re-Connecting nature® is a patented innovation that combines the power of nature & science to provide microbial diversity, which is proven to improve health. The ingredient can be added to products such as cosmetics, clothing and children's toys, opening up a world of possibilities for product innovation.




Consumer & Health


Branding & Web design

Crafting a brand and presence to match an innovative Finnish start-up

Although Uute Scientific™ had been established for several years, it was time for them to elevate their offering, launching on a wider, international scale. To help achieve this, they would need a full-service agency with experience in launching start-ups to become successful, global brands.

Part of the process involved a rebrand, rebuilding their website, as well as establishing new messaging and their positioning. We accompanied this with an organic social media strategy, paid search strategy and some evergreen content for them to kick-off their social presence.

Creation of brand story, language and vision


A full immersion into the Finnish forests

From the get-go, we understood the importance of leading the project and immersing ourselves in the world of Uute. We’d need to get stuck into their clinically proven brand, Re-Connecting nature®, as well as understanding the company and local cultures.

We hosted a mix of virtual and in-person workshops to exchange knowledge. The project's Creative Director spent a week in Finland to meet the client and experience its unique nature first-hand. It meant UP’s team were able to provide a full creative platform that was rooted in the company and country’s DNA.

Immersive website design

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A beautiful, scalable website, for a beautiful, scale-up company

A Wordpress build was chosen to fulfill the need for easy editing and expansion flexibility. In keeping with Uute’s roots, the site was translated into Finnish with the ability to add new languages. This was crucial in supporting future growth aspirations into international markets. Additionally, editing flexibility meant that distributor lists could be amended regularly without issue.

Uute is a data-driven company defined by its connection to nature. The new website reflects this through imagery evoking Finnish forests, an organic colour palette, and an emphasis on their research/data across the site.

During our user review,we found evidence of users scrolling through the content and the majority of clicks generated by the ‘About Us’ and ‘Customers’ menu items.

Users engaging with these pages are able to gain a real sense of who Uute are and discover inspirational applications of their product.

By creating engaging case studies demonstrating a variety of applications of the Re-Connecting nature® product, Uute are able to showcase social proof and desirability. Since launching, analytics have shown how this type of content has been game-changing in getting new distributors on board.

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Global scalability 

As a scale-up company, there were a number of key factors that heavily influenced how we worked together:

  • While many companies will have fixed budgets, as a scale-up, it was even more important for Uute to stick to what they had in order for them to achieve their growth targets.
  • The team was small but mighty. They’d need a partner who would be able to quickly understand and get involved proactively, with focus on translating complex scientific content into easily digestible, consumer-friendly language.
  • Innovation. Organic. Nature. Data-driven. These four-pillars would drive the brand and positioning. This would need to be at the forefront of what is conveyed through the website and all brand awareness work.
  • Eventually a lot of the work would be taken back in-house, due to budgets. So the CMS would need to be flexible and easy to learn and edit, due to their growing list of distributors and uploading new content.
  • Their original site had no section to showcase their product and proof of its benefits. We know the importance of this, especially for developing trust and confidence amongst distributors and leads.
  • Finally, the need for a local agency that understands the nuances of Finland, the market and culture, as well as the ability to work globally to raise their profile and grow the brand.

Ultimately Uute Scientific wanted to ensure that its success in the Scandinavian markets could be extended and scaled globally.

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