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UP FOR LIFE is UP’s specialist group focused on nurturing brands and guiding communications in the life sciences, health care, digital health and medical device sectors. We have earned the trust of big names like GE Healthcare Life Sciences, AAAS, Science magazine, Tecan, and Dako, as well as for companies like Atlas Antibodies, AbbVie, Omega Pharma, The Human Protein Atlas, SciLifeLab, Gyros and Miris.

If innovation and technology alone are not enough to stand out, what makes someone want to engage with your company? There’s no single answer to that question.

Effective life science marketing and communications demands high involvement from your agency. We help you connect with scientists and medical professionals by really understanding their motivations. With a team that’s got the scientific credentials and background UP can help you get to the core of your customers needs in an environment where understanding is everything. Our recent merger with Animech Communications brings additional global pharma and healthcare expertise to the table.


Built into the DNA of UP FOR LIFE is refining the true value of your idea, and to make it known to the people that will really benefit from it. If your organization is looking for innovative ways of improving life through science and medicine, talk to UP FOR LIFE – the only truly global life science marketing agency. (UP recently merged wit

We’ll help you be seen, noticed and valued for what you do.


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