Elizabeth Nelson | Amsterdam

UP Member Elizabeth Nelson is a researcher and strategist based in Holland who works globally. She has worked with new technologies and interactive marketing for agencies and big name brands in her 10+ year career. Right now, Elizabeth is doing a PhD analyzing how innovation in digital health technology can trigger positive behavior change with the VU University, Amsterdam.
24 May 2016
E-ployment Cloud | 4 min read

Will cloudsourcing and crowdsourcing replace outsourcing?

Businesses have always looked for creative ways to save money on the c...

25 Apr 2016
E-ployment | 3 min read

Flexibility at work: How to kill the micromanager

In recent years, a lot of companies have transitioned to flex-based wo...

10 Apr 2016
International Branding | 4 min read

Top 5 branding mistakes  — and some hilarious examples

We’ve all seen terrible or confusing brand names and logos. Some brand...

09 Mar 2016
E-ployment | 2 min read

Have you joined the gig economy? Why E-ployment is the future

An emerging term for the new workforce is the "gig economy," or "flex ...

20 Feb 2016
E-ployment | 2 min read

5 reasons the traditional office sucks

We’ve all seen changes to modernize workspaces. But these transformati...

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