Elizabeth Nelson, PhD | Amsterdam

Head of UP LAB | Researcher, Marketing Strategist | UP FOR LIFE Executive Team | Amstelveen, Netherlands
Elizabeth leads our group of scientists in UP LAB conducting a new way of doing market research in the cloud. UP LAB is a hybrid research department combining the validity of scientific research with the applicability of market research. Elizabeth is is a researcher with more than 15 years experience in the field. Her background in advertising with some of the best brands in the world combines well with her academic research. Elizabeth has a masters in Information Science and her doctoral research is in biomedical engineering. Through her experience in both academic research and market research she has refined many modern methods for conducting highly effective and applicable market research. Elizabeth is also a thought leader in working differently. She co-authored the book The Healthy Office Revolution and was recently named one of the Top Women of 2020 by Building Futureproof. If you want to get her attention start talking about superheroes, tiny music dives, or overlooked travel destinations.
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