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Eight seconds to impress. Does your logo do it?

March 13, 2018 | Don Macdonald

For many companies, the logo is the essence of the brand. Yet, are logos really what a brand is about? Today, many brands are streamlining their logo designs for the digital era. What does that say about traditional logo design? Are logos still relevant? Let's start by looking at how logos evolved.

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Cool Ideas in Place Branding

March 07, 2018 | Julian Stubbs

When it comes to destination marketing, there are a lot of examples of places that stand out, as well as examples of place marketing that flops.  So what works what it comes to place marketing? Let's consider a couple of cool ideas. Or some very cold ones, perhaps, from the frozen north.

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5 Myths about Marketing to Scientists

March 06, 2018 | Marina Hop

Marketing to scientists has some noteworthy differences compared to other B2B businesses and not just because scientists are a special breed of people. There are also some fundamental differences in how scientists typically perceive their jobs compared to how more corporate types might.

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