Written by Bethany Skinnard | UK
on May 09, 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues on its meteoric rise  - sophisticated new tools designed to supercharge peoples’ work and everyday lives are continuously released. These ingenious tools are enhancing people’s knowledge, streamlining routine tasks and informing decision-making processes. 

In this blog, we explore the exciting future of AI-enhanced creativity – where AI and humans coexist. We highlight how using an agency skilled in AI helps to master the creative process and uncovers new possibilities and design permutations. 

Future AI-themed blogs will highlight how AI can help master market analysis and strategic development. 

AI tools undoubtedly benefit two-fold when combined with some of the best creative minds in the business. Our recent blog #AlwaysAddHuman explored the notion that however advanced or sophisticated AI tools might be  - they must not be used in place of the human touch.

At UP, we are enthusiastic about embracing new AI-powered technologies, albeit in tandem with some of the brightest minds in the business. We now have a never-before-seen opportunity to enhance and elevate our creative prowess.

UP’s creative team has decades of experience. This expertise and insight steers every project that integrates the power of AI. It’s this experience combined with the latest AI tools that leads to clients’ expectations being surpassed and projects achieving cut-through in crowded marketplaces.

“We believe that by collaborating with AI, we can achieve new dimensions of creativity, efficiency, and impact in our work. We see AI as an unmatched opportunity to augment our abilities to reach new creative heights.”
Cordell Burke, Global Executive Creative Director (EMEA)

How can skilled creatives’ work be enhanced by harnessing the powers of AI?

By embracing AI as a partner, we believe creatives can uncover new possibilities and heighten engagement with new and wider audiences. 

When placed in knowledgeable and experienced hands, AI can act as an extension of the creative team (provided that the team is skilled in the art of how best to integrate these intelligent and ever-evolving tools into their work). This complementary approach produces a greater ROI than simply using AI tools alone and bringing creative work ‘in-house’. The smartest tools used by the best creative minds is a winning combination.

Project management: Traditionally, agency teams allocated considerable time to liaising with the client to elicit all key information needed to populate the creative brief - often with the brief undergoing several iterations. AI tools add considerable value here - their sophisticated technology enables insightful prompts to help elevate ideas at scale and pace. This makes people more productive and in a short space of time.

UP A.I. Workflow design: UP’s dedicated AI team creates workflows that apply multiple AI tools for efficiency, insight and engagement. This approach results in bespoke outreach, enhanced image and message creation and improved validation and testing.

The creative brief:
A creative brief acts as a roadmap that takes a project from ideation to completion. It ensures the scope, timeline, stakeholders, and purpose of the project are clearly communicated. The creative brief is often the single source of truth for everyone working on a project. If questions arise or tasks are unclear, the creative brief helps steer progress in the right direction.

How can AI benefit the creative briefing process?

AI tools can help explore clients’ requirements and their specific sector(s). They can confirm and hone clients’ exact needs and lead to work that surpasses expectations. 

AI has repeatedly proven that it can triumph over humans at the majority of analytical tasks but that it's less capable of mastering skills, such as intuition. For example, empathy is also an inherently human skill - one that is needed to ensure work is ethical and resonates to best effect. The critical ‘human touch points’ add logic, sense and personality. The human spirit is unique, as is the personal touch it brings.

Idea generation: AI tools are beneficial for idea generation - they produce variations on existing ideas and brainstorm new concepts  - at pace. Often a creative might have a preferred concept or an unconscious bias when presenting to clients. 

However, by using AI tools to assist with idea generation, new avenues will be contemplated - maybe even those that would have previously been discounted will be explored. The combined approach produces distinctive work - there’s no one-size-fits-all or generic approach - after all, clients don’t want their creative work to mimic the rest!

Content creation: AI tools help generate ‘’evergreen’ content that tells a powerful story. Effective content needs “keepability” and ‘’shareability”. Copywriters can benefit from AI-generated text prompts, which enhance the writing process.

Copywriters skilled in AI often produce content that: 

  • Exudes authority
  • Penetrates the marketplace
  • Has an enhanced tone of voice
  • It is both evocative and empathetic
  • Has longevity - the content achieves stand-out results long after initial publication.

Image generation: Our related blog highlighted how AI image generation has changed the global creative landscape. AI image tools remove many design limitations and create endless possibilities. Your world (if it hasn’t already) will soon be filled with more powerful AI-generated images (be they stock or campaign photography).

AI enables skilled artists to swiftly produce editorial imagery in consistent styles - elevating your document to world class, albeit within normal budget constraints.”
Adam McNaught-Davis, Senior Art Director

AI tools facilitate the swift production of persona imagery (the generation of lifelike portraits) matching the target market’s age / demographic requirements.

AI-powered imagery often heightens engagement and drives brand equity because it is:

  • Relevant
  • Exclusive
  • On brand
  • Cost efficient

UP’s A.I. Consultancy teams are masters in both the creative and strategic disciplines. The team can help address specific AI-focused needs  - from overcoming challenges to creative efficiency to delivering A.I. policy and conducting internal training. Our skilled team can help you to embrace the revolutionary powers of AI.

Contact us to explore the exciting future of creativity – where AI and humans coexist. 

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