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A Glimmer of Light on a Dark Swedish Night

December 11, 2014 | Julian Stubbs

Watching the news nowadays isn’t much fun. Ebola. The middle east. Global warming. Liverpool Football Club’s rubbish season. You’d think the world was going to hell in a handbasket. 


Place Branding: Roffa Rising

December 04, 2014 | Julian Stubbs

Years ago I used to work on the Beefeater Gin business in the UK. It's where I first came across the phrase Dutch Courage. It goes back to the British army who, many years ago, would issue a portion or two of Gin to the troops before they charged off into the battle.

Gin is made with juniper berries and juniper berries came from Holland. Well Holland to me, but more rightly The Netherlands – the place where the Dutch live. OK, so they possibly have three identities.

Place Branding

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