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Agents of Change

Agents of Change

April 12, 2013 | Rolf Andersson

Is your reality good enough?

When you turn to a communication agency for advice and assistance, you tend to get exactly that: communication. So, what if your real problem lies somewhere else? What if your prospective customers have fully understood your messages, offering and qualities as a supplier, but are not attracted by them? Or simply prefer your competitor?

UP FOR GOOD, Marketing Strategy

What's wrong with the S word?

April 02, 2013 | Rolf Andersson

Forget the exceptional wonderkind who stumbles over The Idea and makes a billion dollars overnight. Most successful business people are strategic creatures who look into the future, identify emerging needs, and doggedly build the solutions, organizations and market positions to meet them.

UP FOR GOOD, Sustainability

Getting Started with Facebook Advertising

April 01, 2013 | Shari Monnes | Boston

Social media, and Facebook advertising, may seem like a big black hole to many business owners and brand managers. But in reality, setting up a Facebook or social media campaign is not only essential for any consumer brand today, but also a great brand message testing platform for many B2B brands. Once you understand a few basic principles about using social media, you’ll be on your way. In social media, it’s all about being real and having an authentic voice. 

Digital, Advertising

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