Written by Rolf Andersson | Sweden
on April 12, 2013

Is your reality good enough?

When you turn to a communication agency for advice and assistance, you tend to get exactly that: communication. So, what if your real problem lies somewhere else? What if your prospective customers have fully understood your messages, offering and qualities as a supplier, but are not attracted by them? Or simply prefer your competitor?

When you fail to reach your strategic objectives, rethinking your communication is too often the easy way out. Rethinking or repackaging your products, prices or customer services typically involves more painful self-criticism, more hard work, more time and considerably higher costs.

But, unlike the quick communications fix, it may actually make a difference. This is precisely why I don’t work with an "advertising agency" or even a "communication agency."

In the UP community internal Deep Dives and external market research, strategic analysis and change management are every bit as important as informative and inspiring communication. Every step of the way, from in-house workshops to hands-on sales support, global brand building and follow-up.

You may not need it all right now but no market positions last forever, and every investment in marketing communication should start with some real core questions: Where are my best opportunities? What do my target groups really want? How can I make my products and services their first choice? How can I make sure that they will choose me again?

This is of course particularly important in complex high-involvement business areas such as medical technology and life science or place marketing.

Or, indeed, when companies, communities and NGO:s are getting serious about sustainability. Then, developing your communication, we don’t need any superficial ”creative” detours but can cut straight to the core of your customers’ true interest.

Isn’t that exactly what you want?

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