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Highlights of Nobel Peace Prize Concert Press Conference

December 13, 2011 | Shari Monnes | Boston

Just a few short hours before the 2011 Nobel Peace Prize Concert, the artists and hosts gathered to discuss why participating in this much-anticipated annual event was important to them. The media had a chance to engage the celebrities in questions about their thoughts on world peace and the contributions of the year’s Nobel Peace Prize winners.

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A Moment in History. December 10th 2011 & The Nobel Peace Prize

December 11, 2011 | Julian Stubbs

A Moment in History. December 10th 2011 & The Nobel Peace Prize.

This years joint winners of the Nobel Peace Prize gave three powerful lectures yesterday in the impressive setting of Oslo City Hall. It was a moment in history and I was fortunate enough to be there and witness it in person.

Countdown to Nobel Peace Prize Concert

December 07, 2011 | UP Blog Staff

The Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway is just a few days away, and it’s a very exciting time for several of us at UP THERE, EVERYWHERE. Not only because we are thrilled about going to the Concert (we are). Or because we expect it will be a fantastic show and amazing experience (it will). Nor just because we applaud the efforts of everyone who works toward world peace (we do).

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