Written by UP Blog Staff
on December 07, 2011

The Nobel Peace Prize Concert in Oslo, Norway is just a few days away, and it’s a very exciting time for several of us at UP THERE, EVERYWHERE. Not only because we are thrilled about going to the Concert (we are). Or because we expect it will be a fantastic show and amazing experience (it will). Nor just because we applaud the efforts of everyone who works toward world peace (we do).

Nobel_PeacePrize_Concer Website Design

To us, Nobel is more than just a Prize, or a symbol of peace, or a Concert. It’s a brand that we are proud to be connected to, if only in a small way. More than just a client, Nobel represents a feeling we have about the kind of work we do. The level of service and spirit of honest giving we try to bring to all our projects. The Nobel Peace Prize Concert is a way to bring the world together – to share an experience, a celebration– to be connected for a moment in a way that only art can do.

I suppose that to some people, a website may not seem like a work of art. But to us, it is. At least this one is. Take a look at it: We think the new site brings a sense of excitement and prestige to the Concert that it well deserves. And it makes the artists and hosts of the Concert accessible to people around the world who want to feel connected to the idea of world peace.

Like the Concert itself, the new website is a joyous celebration. It’s a happy feeling, and we hope you can feel it too. Even if only for a day.


We’ll share more about the Concert (on Dec. 11), the Press Conference, and the website project next week!


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