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What's the sound of your brand?

December 08, 2017 | Rolf Andersson

Modern science confirms what many of us have always known, instinctively: that music can effectively set your mood or instantly connect you to memories of the past and visions for the future; that it can activate your brain and enhance your learning. Reduce your stress and help you relax. Help you become more receptive, improve your physical performance and counteract any negative thoughts.

Digital, Branding, Identity

Jump off the bandwagon: Four lessons in IT branding

December 04, 2017 | Mats Renée

Are you scalable, flexible and cost efficient, too?

How does your business describe itself? If you’re in the IT industry (in Sweden or elsewhere), chances are pretty good you describe yourself using one of these all-to-common buzzwords: Scalable. Flexible. Cost efficient. Sound familiar?

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