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New web site connects distributed teams

New web site connects distributed teams

January 11, 2011 | UP Blog Staff

What is a ‘distributed team?’ It’s what we like to call a group that is working closely together, but located around the world. It’s also a team with a distributed set of talents, with skill-sets and mind-sets that together form a complete, well-rounded team.

Merging the concept of web site and blog, the agency’s internet front office is a portal for members to connect, share ideas and post updates about local happenings – wherever they are in the global world.

The new web site is also a reflection of the UP brand theme. Clients and prospects are invited to find out more and let us know what you think. Connect with us on Facebook or LinkedIn.


Nobel Peace Prize Concert company appoints UP for brand identity

Nobel Peace Prize Concert company appoints UP for brand identity

January 06, 2011 | UP Blog Staff

UP THERE, EVERYWHERE founder Julian Stubbs has been appointed to help in the development of the new Nobel Peace Prize Concert identity and logotype. The company will also be developing a new website for the concert as part of the overall project. This work will be conducted through The Nobel Peace Prize Concert company, in co-ordination with IMG World.

Julian Stubbs founded UP THERE, EVERYWHERE along with Eric Dowell in late 2010, after selling their former marketing communications company Dowell//Stubbs to the communications group Gyro International.

Nobel Peace Prize Concert

About UP

UP THERE, EVERYWHERE is an international, members-only community of partners, working in the digital, creative, brand and marketing area. No offices. No employees. Just people™.

UP* is part of a new way of working. Not a typical advertising or creative services agency, it is a connected community of like-minded professionals who work together 24/7 across international time zones. UP* forms custom-tailored distributed teams to provide strategic branding, communications, public relations, and digital media services for clients around the world. Today it has over 60 members and partners based in Sweden, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Finland, Italy, the UK, and the USA, and continues to grow at a dynamic pace.


Read more about the where the name UP THERE, EVERYWHERE originated on the web site’s blog post “Being Different.”


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