Written by Lawrence Masle | Netherlands
on March 09, 2011

Technology has brought the world closer together. It empowers us to communicate instantaneously around the globe. It’s an enabler, not a means in itself.

Back in the 90′s when I was living in Stockholm during the boom of second generation mobile telephony, we began envisioning what the possibilities would be like with next generation technology. We talked about the wireless office, being able to collaborate with colleges around the world, no matter where they physically happened to be. And we painted a futuristic picture of how the world would communicate and interact.

Today, UP* is living that vision. We started as a global company from day one, to mirror the businesses of our trusted clients. We use Internet and mobile telephony to delivery the best possible digital, creative, branding, and marketing services around the globe.

International, multi-cultural account teams are immediately assembled to serve the global marketing and communication needs of our clients, at the best possible value. No expensive offices, no legacy agency networks that you won’t use (but still pay for), and no interagency politics where the client generally comes up short. Just talent, exactly where and when you need it.

We’d love to enter into a discussion with you around your global marketing and communication needs. Contact me, or one of my fellow UP* members, to facilitate a Start me UP* workshop today.




Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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