Written by Julian Stubbs | Stockholm
on August 09, 2013

UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, the global cloud based agency, has opened UP in New York and appointed Kate Adams to become Managing Director of the company's operation there.


Picture shows Kate Adams, Julian Stubbs and Eric Dowell at the new UP creative space in SoHo, New York


Adams, formerly Managing Director at the digital creative agency Brand Advocate New York, has led client engagements for global brands such as Forbes Media, GE Life Sciences, Time Warner Cable Business Class and T Mobile, with considerable experience in the healthcare sector. She brings with her a strong blend of client services expertise, brand repositioning and launch experience, and proven agency growth and operational results.

Adams, who is British, will be based at the recently launched UP NY Creative Space on Broadway, in the heart of SoHo, New York.

"UP brings an exciting and innovative model to the agency space, building a comprehensive and incredibly flexible solution for our clients." Said Adams. "The strength of the agency centers around the quality and expertise of our people and answers the ever growing demands of how both our clients and their customers live and work. I am delighted to be part of the team and to be bringing the UP brand to the most competitive and exciting city in the world".

Chief Creative Officer, and one of the founders of UP, Eric Dowell, said 'With over 20 years of experience building agencies in London, Stockholm, New York and now globally with UP, you get to meet a lot of extremely talented people. I've worked with Kate previously in building an agency in New York and she stands out by a mile. Her drive and commitment to providing customers with results oriented solutions, her ability to work at a strategic level combined with her passion for creativity are key. It was an easy decision to appoint Kate and I'm sure we'll achieve even greater things this time.'

UP Creative Space in NY

Combined with this appointment the agency has opened a new Creative Space in SoHo, New York. The facility is in a shared space at 568 Broadway, SoHo.

Julian Stubbs, CEO of UP, said 'We don’t talk about offices at UP – we talk about it as a Creative Space. An inspiring place where we can work together when needed and meet our clients. Our new space in SoHo is perfect for us in these respects.’

This is the second Creative Space the cloud based agency has opened this year, the first being in May in Stockholm, Sweden. UP has plans to open two more Creative Spaces within twelve months.


UP opens UP in New York

Stubbs continues ‘We all know that the concept of the office is changing rapidly, well at UP we are part of driving that change.

We find traditional offices too inflexible, too hard to find and too expensive. We prefer our people to work remotely whenever possible to avoid the misery of a daily commute. For many this can be the worst part of a job, added to that we actually achieve much better productivity working the way we do – for our clients and our own people. Finally there is the not insignificant environmental benefit of people working remotely the majority of the time.’

Stubbs goes on to add ‘Nowadays thanks to the cloud, mobile telecoms, ubiquitous WiFi, together with the increasing irrelevance of heavy-duty equipment such as photocopiers and desktop PCs, the traditional office is fast becoming redundant for many companies and workers. For UP it’s a thing of the past.

Stubbs points to examples of the success of remote working. ‘President Barack Obama’s first inauguration speech was written by 27 year-old Jon Favreau sitting in a Starbucks. Michael Acton Smith invented the popular children’s virtual world Moshi Monsters in his local Caffè Nero. And JK Rowling, the novelist behind Harry Potter, believes a café is the best place in the world to write. I’m with her on that one’ said Stubbs.


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