Written by Rolf Andersson | Sweden
on July 10, 2012

Working with communications, on either side of the fence, laymen around you tend to have some rather simplistic conceptions of what you actually do for a living. Recognize that phenomenon? Well, no wonder considering that virtually everybody out there faces a zillion simplistic commercial concepts, visuals and messages every day.

As communication manager of a major corporation or organization you may spend 10 percent of your time on what laymen would recognize as ”advertising”. And 90 percent of your time on preparing and handling internal change programmes, communications in conjunction with acquisitions & mergers, closings, lay-offs, moving product lines to low cost countries, advocacy, investor presentations, communication profession support and development – internally and externally – as well as brand management. And, to complicate matters even further: On the digital arena communications and complete business processes increasingly go hand in hand.

When you look for professional support, the agency world is full of people offering that magic essence called ”Creativity”. Which may be good enough if you are selling a dream to consumers of, say, designer jeans or perfume. But what if you are developing a destination for industry allocation? Sophisticated life science innovations? Or, indeed, if you need to plan and implement a serious sustainability programme in total synch with your business objectives?

Most people at UP* for Good are much like you. Most of us have also spent far more time on other vehicles of communication than what most people would regard as “advertising”. Such as internal marketing, customer bonding, blogging, sales support activities, corporate change projects, training materials, supporting mergers & acquisitions, marketing and business plans, scientific papers and what have you.

This of course doesn’t make us experts in your specific industry, and you certainly don’t want to pay for another ”you” anyway, do you. But you might find it easier to share your unique business opportunities and challenges with people who are actually used to dissect and structure complex business realities. Or add new strength to your internal change programs, business plans and scientific papers. People who truly understand your long-term development plans, extended sales processes and sophisticated target groups. The works.

And beyond all that, way beyond creativity with a purpose, we work easily across any geographical, linguistic, cultural boundaries. Because we are, after all, UP THERE, EVERYWHERE.

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