Mats Renée | Stockholm

Mats Renée is a marketing and communications strategist and project manager based in Stockholm, Sweden. He primarily works with companies in the IT (ICT) sector helping them to grow their business with brand strategy, messaging and marketing. He has a broad range of experience in driving and managing online and offline marketing communication projects both on the agency side and from within the telecom industry.
04 Dec 2017

Jump off the bandwagon: Four lessons in IT branding

Are you scalable, flexible and cost efficient, too? How does your busi...

08 Feb 2016

An essential element for IT marketing: A point of view

Do you have point of view? Share it! Most industry leaders (no matter ...

05 Nov 2015

Creating a strong IT brand means standing for something

Think of any great company, any one. Then think about what makes that ...

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