Written by UP Blog Staff
on March 11, 2011

As I am managing my own time, I really feel I get the best out of two worlds: myself as an entrepreneur and the community and knowledge of UP*. This freedom, resource and diversity is UP* in a nutshell for me.

A freedom for both clients and members of UP*.

A freedom that allows us all to benefit from each other’s strengths and thereby creating a dynamic place where we can all prosper and manage to do the best work there is.

My own background on the client side has truly helped me to develop a perceptiveness regarding the needs clients have today and what they should have the right to expect.

I thrive on helping clients to transcend and with a different community such as UP*, I feel we can manage to break down the traditional way of looking at clients versus agency.

UP* has in its genius composition created a free platform from where we all will benefit by having a great working environment with plenty of experience and know-how combined with a client relationship that truly leads to success.

Coming from a diversified background, with experience from both private and public sectors, I see myself being a communication maestro whose strength is to keep all leads together in complicated projects. In addition, my strong suit is to help clients to find different ways of communicating their brand and story whether it’s via a PR campaign or working at improving their internal communication to back up their external.

Julian writes that you, our client, will find out that we are different. I also believe we will find out that you are different, and that’s why I believe in the concept of UP*.

I look forward to many interesting encounters with clients and UP* members.

See you all UP there, everywhere.




Sigtuna, Sweden

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