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on March 23, 2011

Taking a cue from the trend toward digital media and distributed global teams, a new organisation called UP THERE, EVERYWHERE (UP) has launched on the international marketing scene poised to shake up the traditional creative services agency model. Positioned as a modern alternative to the local /global marketing agency, UP* is an international, members-only community of partners, working together in the digital, creative, brand and marketing space.

What makes UP so different?

You won’t find any fancy offices or executive creative directors. UP works with distributed project teams, assembling senior level “doers” to meet each client’s needs after a careful input and evaluation session. Team members may be located in the client’s home city, or halfway around the world.


Connected Co-operative Communities

“We realize UP might not be for everyone - not yet anyway,” said UP co-founder Julian Stubbs. Stubbs had spent twenty years working in traditional advertising agencies. “I used to spend up to three hours a day in my car driving to work and from work. I’d sit in an office with a large number of other people who had all done pretty much the same thing. It dawned on us that there had to be a better way of working in this new digital age.”

If that new way could address CO2 emissions and its effect on climate change, then all the better, he figured. UP THERE, EVERYWHERE emerged as that totally new way of working. The dream of teams of people working remotely has been around a while, but only now, with today’s technology, is that dream becoming a reality.

“We believe that Connected Co-operative Communities will make major changes to the working patterns of people around the world. UP THERE, EVERYWHERE is one of the very first of these to be put together in such an organized fashion,” said Stubbs. He continues, “Our mission is to help change the way the world works. It’s a big mission, but we believe one that is now possible.”

The focus at UP is on delivering creative and brand services that helps clients, especially those in what the company calls “high involvement” markets, to develop brand identities and communications that reflect today’s global market, digital communications and cross-cultural thinking. The company forms client teams based on needs, location, language, market experience and other factors. UP members use online technology, including project management tools through sites such as Base Camp, Skype conferencing, iChat and Facebook groups. Without the overhead of offices and formal employees, UP has developed a completely new business model, while offering a highly experienced, diverse team of experts with international work experience.

About UP* Founders

The company’s founders are Julian Stubbs and Eric Dowell. English national Julian Stubbs, who is a brand strategist, is best known for the branding of city destinations such as his work for the city of Stockholm, The Capital of Scandinavia, and his recent book titled,” Wish You Were Here, the Branding of Destinations.” Stubbs was previously Head of Global Branding for GyroHSR the world’s largest Business-to-Business advertising agency Group. Amongst other projects he worked on the re-branding of Thomson / Technicolor Corporation.

Award-winning American Creative Director Eric Dowell, formerly a creative director with GyroHSR in New York, brings over two-decades of experience working in New York, London and Stockholm. Today, Eric resides in Princeton, NJ.

The two are joined by a global team of senior marketing professionals, creative designers, web marketing experts, social anthropology experts, and digital and animation developers in places such as London, San Francisco, Boston, Amsterdam, Rome, Stockholm, Geneva, and LA. With over fifty people already part of the UP* community it gives the organisation a wide resource to call from.

“The majority of UP* members have worked together in the past either at agencies or as clients,” said Stubbs. “This past shared experience better enables us to work successfully without sitting in the same physical room.” UP THERE, EVERYWHERE is already working with a number of clients in the US, Sweden, UK and Switzerland.

The company has created some unique solutions to help support their global operation with servers providing 24-hour back-up and storage of client work. The same system is capable of helping clients store their own marketing materials – a service offered by UP.

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UP can also be found on Facebook at UpThereEverywhere , Twitter at @UP_For_It and Linked In:

Read more about the where the name UP THERE, EVERYWHERE originated on the web site’s blog "Being Different."

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