Written by Ronja
on September 18, 2020

UP THERE, EVERYWHERE is supporting the Aktiv Skola cause. Join us!

UP made a donation to the for-profit organization Aktiv Skola, located in Sweden, in support of their campaign to help prevent online grooming, which has seen a dreadfully large growth during the Covid-19 period (up by +40%, according to their report).

Aktiv Skola states on their website as follows "We have chosen to focus on the areas of drugs, grooming, health, environment and bullying. If you want to create a better school, it is impossible to ignore these areas that are inevitably associated with knowledge acquisition and students' opportunities for positive development. Unfortunately, these issues are often overlooked due to financial priorities, and therefore we have chosen to offer educational materials to all schools in Sweden free of charge. We have experts in each area and together with hired experts and representatives from the Trust Group, we have produced up-to-date, user-friendly and easily accessible material that is in demand in the schools."

Julian Stubbs CEO and co-founder of UP THERE, EVERYWHERE said "We felt this was an important cause and UP has volunteered to become involved and support their work. A lot of UP members have school-age children and this is the sort of thing we should and can support."

For more about Aktiv Skola, you can check out their website here. It only takes a few moments to make a world of difference! 



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