Written by Shari Monnes | Boston
on March 30, 2011

I listened to a great webinar yesterday offered by Hubspot (an inbound marketing software company based in Boston). The webinar was presented by Dan Zarrella, who calls himself “The Social Media and Viral Marketing Scientist.”


The webinar presented some real research backed up by numbers showing the best times of the day to post blogs, tweet, send emails, and update your Facebook fan page based on your goals: to generate a following or to get links (for SEO).

I especially liked the way Zarrella reinforced UP*’s position that in our new world of marketing, particularly around social media and digital, there can be no distinction between B2B and B2C customers. Instead, as Julian Stubbs points out, it’s all P2P. Zarella said:

“There are false distinctions between B2B and B2C consumers,” said Dan. On the sales side, there are definitely tangible distinctions, such as length of sales cycles and decision makers. But on the marketing side, the distinction is less significant. B2B marketers are real humans who check their email late at night and on the weekends….”

Check out the webinar and slides published online at the Hubspot site.

You can read more in this Hubspot blog post that answers some of the top questions from the webinar.

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