Written by Ronja
on February 18, 2021

Marin County, California, USA  & Stockholm, Sweden


The Free Spirits Drinks Company, a leading brand of non-alcoholic spirits, announced that it has hired the global, cloud-based creative agency, UP THERE, EVERYWHERE to help introduce the brand to more people in the US and around the world.

Introduced in late 2020, Free Spirits makes non-alcoholic expressions of some of the most loved spirits in the world and has been undergoing a process to select a creative agency with a global footprint and a non-traditional model to aid in its expansion.

“Cocktail culture has a long and storied history around the world. And alcohol has always been central to that story.  Free Spirits is here to give people who love a great cocktail the ability to decide how much, if any alcohol goes into it without sacrificing taste or the experience of the cocktail,” commented Milan Martin, Founder & CEO of The Free Spirits Company.

“The trend is clear – people are around the world are drinking less alcohol but still love and demand all the wonderful emotions, taste and ceremony that comes with a great cocktail. This category is born global and we needed a creative partner with a global presence and the proven chops to introduce new technologies and new products to this global market. We found that with UP,” Martin went on to say.

Inspired by the world’s great spirits, including Bourbon, Gin, and Tequila, each one of the Free Spirits is crafted to be a complex, nuanced, non-alcoholic alternative to its boozy cousin. Not only are these spirit alternatives crafted to be bold, delicious and non-alcoholic, they are also each infused with B Vitamins and Amino Acids to help elevate the drinker’s mood, energy and experience.

Founder and CEO of UP THERE, EVERYWHERE, Julian Stubbs added, “our clients have come to expect so much more from UP than from a traditional agency. The opportunity to put our people and our model to work to help Free Spirits become the most loved brand in the category is one we’re thrilled to have.”

Located on the Pacific Ocean, among the giant redwoods in Marin County, CA, The Free Spirits Company is not a teetotalling full-time sobriety advocate. “We are cocktail people who enjoy something complex and delicious, but who don’t always want the effects that come with alcohol,” adds Martin. The Free Spirits Company believes that having genuine interactions, exciting times and delicious drinks are not contingent on alcohol. The days without great non-alcoholic options are over, it is time to break free. 

Free Spirits are available for purchase for at Each crafted non-alcoholic bottle retails for $37. 

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Located in Marin County, California, The Free Spirits Company crafts non-alcoholic spirits including Bourbon, Gin and Tequila through a process called Distillate Reconstruction that sources natural real ingredients like American White Oak, European Juniper, and Mexican Blue Agave, then distills their essence and reconstructs the unique nose, flavor notes, and mouthfeel of the world’s great liquors. Where the alcohol would have been, Free Spirits infuses vitamins B3 and B6 along with naturally uplifting amino acids like taurine for that little something extra. With Free Spirits, drinkers have complete control to  ‘dial-up’ or ‘dial-down’ their favorite cocktail from replacing 1:1 to ‘half and half’ or beyond, without sacrificing taste. Free Spirits are made for those who refuse to compromise between a great cocktail and a great time. The days without complex and delicious non-alcoholic options are over, it is time to break free. Free Spirits - the good spirit of great cocktails.



UP THERE, EVERYWHERE is a full-service branding, marketing and digital agency that operates globally. Founded in Stockholm, Sweden, in January 2011, UP is a global agency with Creative Hubs in Stockholm, Hamburg, Amsterdam, London, New York and Shanghai. The agency operates a cloud based model, that brings greater flexibility, acceleration and value to the agencies global clients. The agency was also an early proponent of remote working, because of the greater productivity, improved work-life balance and the reduced impact on the environment.

UP offers creative and strategic services for everything from market research and analysis, branding, identity and communications, through to website and ecommerce site development, inbound, content and social media marketing, to film and webinars.



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