Written by Shari Monnes | Boston
on August 19, 2020

In collaboration with TwentyThree™ The Video Company, UP is participating in putting on a live global event for thousands of webinar makers all over the world — and we’re inviting you.

Recently, we’ve seen an increased need for human communication on digital channels that has led to a huge spike in the popularity of webinars. We’re taking part in this first annual WebinarDay to clear through the confusion and help people upgrade their webinars by gathering the world’s most experienced webinar makers to share their expertise, knowledge and strategies. 

This isn’t your average webinar — WebinarDay is built around new engaging and participatory formats. Throughout the 12-hour programme, more than 50 Webinar Professionals will inspire you to push the boundaries on webinar formats that generate more leads in Keynote sessions, give you actionable tips for rolling out a webinar program in Live Strategy Sessions and show you how to set up your in-house webinar studio in Gear Shows. Just to name a few.

Couch Session with UP Member Ewan Cameron

Changing the face of webinars: A case study in creating high production value webinars


Many companies right now are faced with the challenge of transitioning their physical events into online. In this case study, we discuss how UP helped our client Galderma succeed in creating a series of high production value webinars that supported and educated more than 22,000 health care professionals from over 100 countries.

Watch this video to learn more

We have set aside a handful of tickets just for our network.  Click here to get your free registration code.


Visit the event page to register and learn more about the WebinarDay 2020 Programme. 

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