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on January 07, 2012

The Dark Angels creative business writers course will come to Sigtuna, Sweden, August 15-18, 2012. The course is aimed at all types of writers who want to improve the level of their English business writing.

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The course in Sweden is being promoted and supported by UP THERE, EVERYWHERE – The Global Cloud Based Advertising Agency. Julian Stubbs, who has been involved with Dark Angels for a number of years, said,

‘It’s more important than ever that businesses and organisations engage with their audiences on a human level. Too many companies adopt a ‘corporate speak’ that is neither engaging nor interesting. Dark Angels courses help writers develop their own voice and demonstrate the power in organisations finding their own voice. I can highly recommend the course to anyone working with business writing at any level.’

A Dark Angels Master Class from Merton College Oxford was the main feature of the BBC Radio 4 programme In Business in May 2011. Julian Stubbs from UP* was interviewed and featured in the programme along with other attendees and the three course leaders, John Simmons, Stuart Delves and Jamie Jauncey. Well known author Philip Pullman, who wrote the trilogy His Dark Materials, was a guest reader on the course and also interviewed for the BBC programme. Listen to the BBC Radio 4 In Business programme here.

Dark Angels Courses

The Dark Angels programme is a series of residential writing courses tutored by John Simmons, Stuart Delves and Jamie Jauncey at different locations throughout the UK and Europe. Started in 2004, at Totleigh Barton in Devon, these highly successful courses look at how to use words more engagingly and imaginatively within the business environment.

About Sigtunastiftelsen

The first capital of Sweden, historic Sigtuna is a small, pretty town on the shores of Lake Mälaren in Sweden, 50 kms north of Stockholm and only 16 kms from Arlanda airport. Sigtunastiftelsen is a beautiful and comfortable conference centre created in 1917 to house the Sigtuna Foundation, a private cultural foundation. The building is described as being ‘a cross between an ancient castle and a Tuscan monastery’.

This course follows the same format as other Intensive Foundation Courses, but has been created specially to cater for the many native and fluent non-native English speakers in the Scandinavian business communities. As with all Dark Angels courses, the course is offered to participants from communications, marketing, brand management, general management and the creative sector. The course is also open to participants from the UK.

Sigtunastiftelsen Conference Center - Writer's course

Course Details

The course will be held August 15 – 18, 2012 (Wednesday afternoon through to Saturday morning) at the Sigtunastiftelsen, in Sigtuna, Sweden. The course will have 10 places available. For registration and booking details, click here.

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