Written by Julian Stubbs | Stockholm
on March 13, 2013

UP has been asked by the city of Oslo to work on developing a new brand strategy and identity for the Norwegian capital.


In November UP held a 'Deep Dive' session in the city and February saw the first of a series of workshops with Oslo city representatives to work on brand development. Julia Stubbs and Hjörtur Smarason from UP were also present at MIPIM, held in Cannes during March, presenting the first playbacks on the work.

The Oslo brand project has been covered extensively in Norwegian local as well as national media, most notably Aftenposten, the Norwegian national daily newspaper, and on NRK, Norwegian national radio.

Known perhaps for its rich oil resources and high prices, Oslo is a city of striking modern architecture as well as historical reputations. But vikings aside, Olso, isn’t an easy city to define with a single word or phrase.

No, it’s not an easy task before the UP place branding team. We’re sure they won’t do anything as obvious as calling Oslo “the Richest Capital of Scandinavia”, but we can’t wait to hear what they come UP with.

Check back to read more about the Branding of Oslo.



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