Written by Ronja
on August 26, 2020

UP THERE, EVERYWHERE is supporting the Beirut cause. Join us!

On Tuesday 4 August, a catastrophic explosion completely destroyed the port of Beirut, in the capital city of Lebanon. At least 200 people were killed, over 5,000 people injured, with more than 300 000 left homeless and billions of dollars of damage done. These numbers are likely to continue to rise. Prior to this, the day-to-day situation in Lebanon was already incredibly challenging. It is now a deeply human tragedy on a massive scale.

Some of us have strong ties with Lebanon and feel personally motivated to provide aid. Our friends in Lebanon have informed us that one of the most simple and effective way to help at this stage, is to donate money to the Red Cross.

We therefore make this plea on their behalf to join us in donating money and by spreading this request throughout your personal network!

You can donate directly to the Lebanese Red Cross, or to your local Red Cross organisations via the following links:

Lebanese Red Cross  /  Swedish Red Cross  /  UK Red Cross  /  Dutch Red Cross  /  US Red Cross

It only takes a few moments to make a world of difference! So, please donate and share.


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